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The right way to search products and news The right way to search products and news
First of all, at the moment we are working on improving this website, and english version is still in development. However, the whole site, including shopping cart, is working.

Our products are displayed in two different ways:

1) in single categories in which the products of the same type are gathered (for example a category with all the tablets, one with all the drinks, one with all the essential oils, etc...; in this way it is possible to see all the elements of the category entering every of them). Some categories include some sottocategories (clicking on solar cosmetic for example open two sottocategories: tanning and aftersun. To know the whole news of the single product needs click on the name of the product.

2) in other categories entitled for indication or ownership of the products (for example the category "Allergies" it contains the suitable products in Contemplated way and mostly Specified for resolving in the Most immediate and Effective way the suitable problem in the title of that category; very often, for the same problem they are advisable different other products, that otherwise result effective in how much to intensity or to mechanism of action or however useful in complementary way.

To conclude:
if you find the problem that you want to already face in one of the categories of the second type, click on the same category and you will have shown you the useful products for you; if you have not found the category that does to your case or you wants to potentially know all the useful products instead, you insert the word that you interests (for example "allergy") in the special box of the "Quick Find" and everybody will be introduced. If don't get satisfactory results with the search, you try to insert other key words that have the same meaning of the first one (better if for example only type of allergy "allergy" or "allerg") but the counsel for the most effective research is to use the "Advanced Search" in this way the search will be performed in all the relevant texts in particularly in the property with every product. For example, in the case of "allergy", the Quick Find results will show 5, while the advanced search (by checking the box "Search product descriptions" and also all the categories and subcategories) will show fewer than 68 results. .

Product choice
In any case, if you feel lost or uncertain given the likely vast range of products found, we are available to restrict the choice and then to advise those who are exactly right for you and therefore allow you to achieve the desired results in best way. For any queries or questions please contact, you can use e-mail that you send after you clicked on: The expert's answers.

HERBS RARE and hard to find : We are adding in the sales catalog of our site all the herbs as possible, among which there are many rare herbs and often unobtainable . All the herbs we can supply in various states (whole or cut herbal tea or powder or other ) even if found in the list in one state , then you can ask the states that do not find . If the grass you're looking for is already in our list ( find her in " herbs and teas " or the "research" ), you can buy it straight away . Otherwise, if you find it in the list of herbs waiting for input that we report here below, let us know using the internal email ( the expert's ) . We will put immediately to the list and you can complete your purchase.

Legend: ( tt = cut tea ; somm = top; pos = dust ; cort = cortex ; rad = root ; riz = rhizome ; fgl = leaves)

If you do not find an herb in any list of our website, please do not hesitate to send us a request with an email, also because the list of medicinal plants is enriched and varied continuously.

br> pine cones and pine cones tt , abrotano somm . tt , tt acacia flowers , sorrel plant tt , tt plant sorrel , yarrow somm nutmeg . flowering tt , agar agar strands integers, agar agar plv , sliced ​​garlic bulb , garlic bulb plv , garlic ursino plant tt , chaste tree fruit , holly plant tt , tt ajuga plant , winter cherry fruits , lady's mantle plant tt , laurel berry , aloe juice condensed , marshmallow blue flowers ( hollyhock ) , tt witch hazel bark , ambrette seeds, amni visnaga fruits , fruits dill , angelica fruits , waddling tt plant , Antennaria flowers, antillide vulneraria tt flowers , dried orange slices ( decorative use ) , bitter orange peel green whole or tt or quarters , sweet orange peel whole or tt yellow , orange leaves tt , tt sandstone plant , artemisia vulgaris plant tt , tt wormwood plant , Pontic wormwood plant tt , oats, fruit shell, balsamite tt fragrant plant , Baptisia tinctoria root , berberis ( barberry ) cort . branches tt , tt betony plant , hawthorn berries , seed bixa orellana ( annatto ) , borage somm flowered tt , tt boxwood leaves , boswelia gum resin , bucco leaves tt , calcatreppa ( larkspur ) flowers tt , camomnilla Roman hemp aquatic ( boneset ) plant tt , tt maidenhair plant , honeysuckle plant tt , cardamom white fruits , milk thistle fruits , milk thistle somm tt , holy thistle plant tt , tt carlina rad , carrot fruit , carob pods , safflower flowers, cascara sagrada tt cort , cort cascarilla tt , cassia cane Macassar, chestnut cort tt , tt chestnut leaves , catechu gum resin , centaury plant tt , waxy leaves monde , chiretta green plant tt , tt chrysantellum americanum plant , chicory rad tt , tt riz black cohosh , onion bulb plv , cypress berries , lemongrass ( lemongrass ) leaves tt , tt condurango cort , comfrey rad tt , tt strawberry leaves , chrysanthemum ( pyrethrum ) pos , tt somm chrysanthemum feverfew , damiana leaves, teething root of iris germanica , desmodium plant tt , tt sundew plant , echinacea angustifolia plant , echinacea pallida root , ground ivy plant tt , tt eleuterococco rad , hepatic leaves tt , tt fireweed plant , chives plant tt , tt erect plant , plant eriodicto tt , tt hernia plant , escolzia californica plant, euphorbia , boneset , fallax cortex ( buckthorn downhill), bean seed, fellandrio fruit , prickly-pear flowers, fennel fruits of Sicily ( Meum athamanticum Jacq ) , sea fennel plant, Phytolacca roots or leaves , strawberry leaves, galanga less rad , plant Galium aparine , Galium verum , wintergreen leaves, black mulberry leaves, genipě female plant, gentian flowers and leaves, geranium robertiano plant, plant alfalfa , sunflower blossoms , natural sunflower seeds , shelled sunflower seeds , gum tragacanth powder , gum rosin flakes , gum copal resin, gum damar resin , gum elemi resin , rubber, gutta resin, gum mastic tears , rubber sandarach grit , plv xanthan gum , seed grain havens , flowers and grindelia summit, gymnema silvestre leaves, plant gynostemma pentaphyllum , masterwort rhizome, horse chestnut seeds / bark / flower, iris Florentine riz , iris germanica riz , jambul seeds, kigelia fruit , kola nut, laminaria , lamio somm , raspberry leaves, plant lavender , lemongrass fgl , lespedeza fgl , lovage rad , or marine lichen carrageenan ( Chondrus crispus) , lycopodium , dehydrated lemon slices ( decorative use ), lemon peel , lupine seed , mace, mahonia cort of rad , tangerine peel , almonds pos outdoor use, daisy flowers, aquatic plant horehound , stinking horehound plant, vulgar horehound plant, automatic fgl , dehydrated apple fruit , sweet clover somm , fgl fresh mint , horehound plant , mint fgl , migliarino plant, mimosa tenuiflora cort , siderite plant tt , (more. ..)

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01.Cassicom 125 tablets (vegetable laxative)
Herbal-food Integrator.
It favorably acts on the physiological function of the bowel, facilitating the natural one of it and to regulate spontaneous emptying.
02.FLEA SEED whole brown seeds (sack 1 Kg)
(Plantago psyllium L.)
(psillio semi bruni interi sacco da 1 kg).
03.FLEA SEED whole brown seeds
(Plantago psyllium L.)
(psillio semi bruni interi).
04.HENNA natural powder extra-selected (red)
(Egypt super quality; 100% pure, without additive)
(Lawsonia inermis L.)
(henné naturale foglie polvere, rosso intenso).
05.Licorice SPEZZATA (pure licorice)(original italian product by Amarelli)
Herbal-food Integrator.
(liquirizia spezzata)
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<B>Gugurev 125 tablets (Gugul)</B><BR>Herbal-food Integrator.<BR>(gugul and dandelion)<BR>It helps control lipid metabolism (cholesterol and triglycerides), the maintenance of body weight el 'physiological balance of fats in the blood.
Gugurev 125 tablets (Gugul)
Herbal-food Integrator.
(gugul and dandelion)
It helps control lipid metabolism (cholesterol and triglycerides), the maintenance of body weight el 'physiological balance of fats in the blood.

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<B>CREMA VENERE - anti-wrinkle cream</B><BR>Face cosmetic cream<BR>special anti-wrinkle and nourishing.<BR>(crema antirughe (crema Venere).
products are excellent but difficult to get in U.S. i was ..
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