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<B>ARGAN OIL</B><BR>Use cosmetic only.<BR> (50 ml).<br>(olio germe di grano 100 ml).
Use cosmetic only.
(50 ml).
(olio germe di grano 100 ml).

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Herbal-food integrator.
It favors the normal physiological functions of the liver.
[500 ml]

Base drink of watery extracts of cried by us produced. It doesn't contain neither alcohol, neither sugar. To dilute in water to like.
It contains extract of rhubarb, artichoke, licorice, yellow gentian, dandelion, centaury, angelic, blessed thistle, mil-foil, coriander.
General scientific connections: depurative, detoxifying, cholagog, choleretic, digestive, laxative liver, fat hair, dandruff, fat skin, fat liver, tall cholesterol, tall tryglicerides, jaundice, nitrogen in blood, ypocholesteroleming, metabolism of the fats, obliterating arteritis, retinitis, chronic nephritis, disease of Bright, arteriosclerosis of the aorta, plates atheromatosis, lesions fund eye, xanthelasma, antitoxic, ypoglycemic, albuminuria, lipoid nephrosis, acne, pimples, slow digestion, drowsiness, bitter tonic stomachic, diuretic, dermatitis, itch, urticaria, eczemas, psoriasi, ypochlorhydria, eupeptic, antipyretic, antimalarial, appetizer, dyspepsia, iposuccorrea, appetite, stomachic, antihistaminic, antispastic, antacid gastric, ypoadrenalism.
Scientific connections: (rhubarb) cholagog, choleretic, bitter, tonic, stomachic, eupeptic, purifies and detoxifies the liver; it helps the digestion and it favors the intestinal functions; useful in case of fat hair, dandruff, fat skin, pimply, insufficient metabolism of the fats, excess of cholesterol and triglycerides; bacteriostatic. Contained natural: composed anthracenics: chrysophanein, chrysophanol (chrysophanic acid, rumicin, archinin), alizarin, emodin (frangul-emodin, rheo-emodin, frangulinic acid, archin), isoemodin (rhubarberon), aloemodin (rottlerin), rheocrisin, physcion, rein (cassinic acid), glucosides of the emodin, of the aloemodin, of the physcion and of the rein; besides: Gallic acid, dl-catechin, amorphous tannin, (total tannin 15% around) resin, sterins, pectins, mucilage, sugars, ossalic acid (above all as ossalat of kick (3-15%), cinnamic acid, glutamin, essential oil, enzymes (become oxidized him and antraglucosidasi).
Scientific connections: (artichoke) jaundice, lowers the rate of cholesterol, it reduces the production of it, it removes it from the walls vasal, it reduces the plates atheromatoses; digestive (it makes to produce more bile), it purifies, it detoxifies and it stimulates the good operation of the liver, it makes to burn more in hurry the fats, lower: glycemia. ketonemia, glycosuria, choleretic, cholagog, light laxative, diuretic, oliguria, anuria, toxic anuria, postoperative anuria, acute nephritis with pulmonary edema, phenomena dyspneic and peripheral edemas in cardiopathia, nephrosclerosis, glomerulonephritis, chronic nephritis, azotemy, liver urogenesis, albuminuria, lipoid nephrosis, serum colesterolysi, polysclerosis, arterosis, obliteranting arteritis, aorta arteriosclerosis, Bright's disease, xanthelasma, eye ground (deposit cholestrerol lesions), cholesterolesterase (activating), retinitis, fat's metabolism (increase), antitoxic, antipoison, urgent diuresis in nitrogen and hidric retention (uremic coma, delirium tremens, serous angina, wet brain...), prurigo strophulus, prurito puerile, urticaria, serum sickness, eczema, psorias, asthma on arthritis, dementia and delirium toxic. Contained natural: derivati polifenolici dell'ac. clorogenico: ac.clorogenico, 1-4-dicaffeilchinico (cinarina), criptoclorogenico, neoclorogenico, (...); flavonoidi: luteolin-4'O-glucoside, luteolin-7-O-glucoside; luteolin-7-O-ramnoglucoside; carboidrati: mucillagini, pectine, inulina, zuccheri; tannini, acidi organici (malico, lattico, glicerico, glicolico); sali minerali, derivati sesqui- e tri-terpenici; cinaroside, scolimoside, vit. C, B1, PP; olio essenziale.
Attinenze scientifiche: (liq) ipercloridria, gastrite, ulcera, gastralgia e peristalsi dolorose, ipotensione, dermopatie allergiche e non, infiammazioni in generale; proprietà diuretiche, rimineralizzanti, emostatiche, elasticizzanti cutanee, antisettico, cicatrizzante, irritazioni, ulcerazioni, allergie, dermatiti, eczemi, psoriasi, congiuntiviti, dissetante, dolcificante, aromatizzante, anoressizzante, emolliente, espettorante, raucedine, crampi vescicali, dolori renali, antispastico, antistaminico, antiacetilcolinico, morbo di Addison, iposurrenalismo, ipofisi, metabolismo idrico salino, antitossico, batteriostatico, blando lassativo, . Contained natural: composti triterpenici: acido 18-beta-glicirretico (7% circa come glicirrizina), acido liquiritico, acido glabrico, acido 28-idrossiglicirretico, altri triterpeni; flavonoidi: liquiritina, isoliquiritina, i flavanoni glabrina e liquiritoside, 2-metilisoflavoni, ecc.; zuccheri: glucosio e saccarosio (5-15%), mannite; fitosteroli, 17-chetosteroidi, vitamine del gruppo B, cumarine, asparagina, proteine, amido, gliciramina, un fattore antilisozima, una frazione resinosa con azione cortisonesimile, acido benzoico, albumina, mucina.
Attinenze scientifiche (genz): amaro-tonico, aperitivo, stomachico, febbrifugo, antimalarico, colagogo, coleretico, leucocitogeno, antireumatico, depurativo; utile in dispepsia, inappetenza, digestione difficile, anemia, convalescenza, affaticamento generale, insufficienza epatica, febbri e malattie infettive in genere. Contenuto naturale: glucosidi (genziopicrina, genziamarina, genziina); zuccheri (genzianosio, genziobiosio); un alcaloide (genzianina); gentisina; tannino; pectina; olio etereo.
Attinenze scientifiche: (tar) amaro-tonico. diuretico, colagogo, coleretico, depurativo, antireumatico, leggero lassativo; insufficenza epatica, ittero catarrale, angiocolite, colecistite, colelitiasi. dispepsia. Contenuto naturale della radice: alcooli triterpenici (beta-amirina, tarasserolo, tarassasterolo, psi-tarassasterolo, tarassolo); steroli (beta-sitosterina e stigmaserina, una fistosterina); vitamine (A, B, C, D, tiamina, acido nicotinico); inulina (anche fino al 40%); altri componenti: acidi caffeico e para-ossifelinacetico, colina, levulosio, resina, acidi palmitico, oleico, linoleico, linolenico, miristico (liberi e come gliceridi), gliceridi degli acidi melissico e cerotico, asparagina, arginina, poliosi che danno galattosio e arabinosio, tirosinasi, olio etereo.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 21 June, 2008.
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Herbal-food integrator.
It favors the normal physiological functions of the liver.
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